Translation Studies in Egypt

The American University in Cairo (AUC) School of Continuing Education announces the start of admission and registration for the next session starting September 24, 2009.

Arabic Language and Translation Studies

- Print Media
- Legal and UN Translation- Screen Translation
- Simultaneous Interpreting
- French Translation- Screen Translation
- Groundwork in Written Translation
- Groundwork in Simultaneous Interpreting
Certificates of Achievement ( 3 courses)
- Arabic Subtitling
- English Subtitling
- Legal Translation
- Advanced Simultaneous Interpreting
- Consecutive and Sight Interpreting
- French Written Translation
- French Simultaneous Interpreting
For more information:
- AUC Campus in al-Tahrir
28 al-Falaki St. - Bab al-Louq
Tel: 27976853
Fax: 27922643
- AUC Campus in Misr al-Jadidah
2 b Al-Khalifa Al-Hadi st. from Imam Ali, Al-Ismailiya Square
Tel: 24169600/1/2
Fax: 22908190
Important Instructions:
- Kindly attach a recent photo with your admission application at registration

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