Translation of English Pronominal Adverbs used in legal documents

ترجمة لضمائر الحال المستخدمة في المستندات والعقود القانونية   



In English, pronominal adverbs are most commonly encountered in literary registers or in legal usage. They are used frequently by lawyers and drafters of legal documents primarily as a way of avoiding the repetition of names of things in the document (or sometimes as a self-reference to the document itself). For this reason, pronominal adverbs like hereof, thereof, and whereof (and further derivatives ending in -at, -in, -after, -before, -with, -by, -above, -on, -upon etc) are often seen as a type of legal jargon.

Here is a list of some of these words and the way in which they are used. It should be noted that the list is not exhaustive.

There شىء تم ذكره أو أشير إليه وليس موجودا في الوثيقة التي بين أيدينا

Thereby بتلك الوسيلة – عن طريق إدارة أو هيئة – فيما يتصل بذلك
 Also means ‘by that means; as a result of that’. For example, ’the parties thereby agree’.
He thereby obtained the authorization of (I referred to it before)

Therein  المبينة في هذه الاتفاقية – في ذلك المكان – في تلك المسألة – في تلك الظروف
Also means (in that) ‘in that place, document or respect’. For example, ‘The parties shall refer to the contract dated 1 May 1999. It is agreed therein that…’

تأتي بمعنى: في الجزء التالي من الكلام/ الكتاب/ الوثيقة - فيما يلي . وتستخدم عندما توجد مثلا وثيقتين أ و ب ونذكر في الوثيقة ب شئ ورد في الوثيقة أ
Means ‘later referred to in that matter or document’. For example, ‘thereinafter, it is agreed that…’

Thereof بسبب ذلك – من ذلك المصدر – فيما يتعلق به  

Means ‘of the thing just mentioned’. For example, ‘The contract was signed on 1 May 1999. The parties thereof…

Also used instead of writing “his, her, its, etc.”
Staff thereof العاملون به
Contents thereof محتوياتها

Thereto علاوة على ذلك – فيما يخص ذلك الأمر – فيما يتعلق بهذا الأمر – السجلات المتعلقة بها
Means ‘to that place or to that matter or document’. For example, ‘the parties thereto. To that. I require the operating manual thereto.
My seal thereto

Thereunder تحت ذلك المستند (الآخر) – في مستند آخر أشرت إليه – طبقا لكذا
in accordance with the thing mentioned.
"The act and the regulations made thereunder"

Thereafter means ‘after that time’. For example, ‘The products shall be transported to The Grange. Thereafter, they shall be stored in a warehouse.’

Thereat means (1) at that place or (2) on account of or after that. For example, ‘thereat, payments shall cease’. .

Therefor لذلك الشئ
means ‘for that’. For example, ‘the equipment shall be delivered on 13 September 2003. The Company agrees to pay therefor the sum of $150,000’. Therefor should not be confused with ‘therefore’ which means ‘for that reason’.

Thereupon means ‘immediately or shortly after that’. For example, ‘delivery shall take place on 13 September 2003. Thereupon the equipment shall be stored in the Company’s warehouse’. 

Here الوثيقة التي نحن بصددها

Hereby (by means of)  من خلال هذا المستند، بموجب هذا المستند - بموجب هذه
By virtue of this document
means ‘by this means, by means of; as a result of this’. For example, ‘the parties hereby declare’.

Herein (in/into this matter) في هذه المسألة – في هذا الأمر – في هذه الوثيقة
Means ‘in this document or matter. For example, ‘the terms referred to herein’.
Herein above stated: المدونة في (هذه الاستمارة أو الوثيقة)
Herein set forth: الموضحة في هذا الإقرار أو الوثيقة أو المستند

Hereinafter فيما سيأتي ذكره في هذه الوثيقة

(in the following part of this document/statement/book)
means ‘later referred to in this matter or document’, in the following part of this document / statement/ book. For example,‘hereinafter referred to as the Company’).
Hereinafter “the parties”: المشار إليهما فيما بعد "بالأطراف"
Hereinafter set forth التي ترد لاحقا

Hereof (of this) من هذه الوثيقة – فيما يتعلق بها
(Pertaining to; concerning this matter or document)
means of this matter or document’. For example, ‘the parties hereof’.

Hereto بهذه الوثيقة أو المسألة أو الاقتراح (كل ما نحن بصدده)- المرفق
(Attached, related to this document/matter)
Means attached, related to this document/matter, to this place or to this matter or document. For example,‘the parties hereto. The document attached hereto
Attached hereto: المرفقة بها

Hereunder أدناه – فيما يلي – وفقا لأحكام هذا الاتفاق – وفقا للشروط المنصوص عليها هنا- فيما يندرج تحت هذه - من هذه
means ‘later referred to in this matter or document’. For example, ‘the exemptions referred to hereunder’
Hereunder means under this, hereby, by virtue of بموجب

Hereafter means ‘from now on or at some time in the future’. For example, ‘the contract is effective hereafter’.

Hereat means (1) ‘at this place or point’ or (2) ‘on account of or after this’. For example, ‘hereat the stream divided’.

Herefrom means ‘from this place or point’. For example, ‘the goods shall be collected herefrom’.

Hereinabove means ‘previously in this document or matter’. For example, ‘the products hereinabove described’.

Hereinbefore means ‘previously in this document or matter’. For example, ‘the products hereinbefore described’.

Heretofore means ‘before now’. For example, ‘the parties have had no business dealings heretofore’.

Herewith means ‘with this letter or document’. For example, ‘I enclose herewith the plan’.


Where as حيث إن

Whereabouts means ‘the place where someone or something is’. For example, ‘the Company shall be kept informed as to the whereabouts of the products’.

Whereat means ‘at which’. ‘The seller attempted to charge extra interest on late payment, whereat the buyer objected’.

Whereby means ‘by which’. For example, ‘the contract dated 1 May 1999, whereby the Company agreed to purchase the products’.

Wherefore means ‘as a result of which’. For example, ‘the buyer breached the contract, wherefore the seller suffered damage’.

Wherein means (1) in which, or (2) in which place or respect. For example, ‘the contract dated 1 May 1999, wherein it is stated that…’

Whereof بما سبق - إقرارا بما سبق 
means ‘of what or of which’. For example, ‘the Company one of the directors whereof is a foreign national’.

Whereupon means ‘immediately after which’. For example, ‘The sum of $15,000 shall be paid by the buyer to the seller on 13 September 2003, whereupon the buyer’s liability to the seller shall be discharged’.


The abovementioned المذكور أعلاه 
Said: المذكور said document: الوثيقة المذكورة
Certain document: وثيقة بعينها

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